Who Would Win Will Improve Your Debating Skills, Funny Bone

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Quick! Why would Spider-Man beat MacGyver in a game of miniature golf? Could Lassie beat Obama in a kissing contest? List the reasons Godzilla would beat Spongebob Squarepants in rapping! These are just a few of the zany scenarios you will have to make your case for in Who Would Win, a new party game from Gamewright.

The rules are simple. You and your opponent each draw a character card and you also draw an event card. After each player reveals their character card, the challenger flips over the event card, which describes the event the characters would theoretically be competing in. The timekeeper flips the timer, giving the challenger 20 seconds to make her case. Her opponent is then given equal time to make the case for his character, 20 seconds, and then, if she wants, the challenger may make a 5-second rebuttal. The case is then turned over to the other players to decide who made the better case for his or her character and votes are cast. The winner keeps the event card as a way of keeping score; if no winner is chosen or there is a tie, the event card is discarded and play moves on to the next challenger. The first player to collect five event cards wins. As rounds progress, challengers and opponents are progressively matched, so you debate every player in the game, rather than the same person over and over.

The game is a fun way of arguing, errrr, refining your debating skills and each game I’ve played has resulted in lots of laughter. It never stops amazing me how creative people can be when coming up with reasons their argument is the one to choose. The game requires 3 or more players (and it’s most fun with a lot of people) and is recommended for ages 12 and up, although I regularly play with my nine-year-olds. I just have to explain who characters like Genghis Kahn, P. Diddy and Howard Stern are. Games can usually be played in less than 15 minutes and the game never plays the same way twice. If you’re looking for a great after dinner game (or between games palate cleanser), check out Who Would Win – it’s a blast!

Disclosure: Gamewright sent GeekDad a copy of this game to review.

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