Unearthing Treasures: Pergamon and Ilium

Tabletop Games

Playing Ilium. Photo: Jonathan LiuPlaying Ilium. Photo: Jonathan Liu

Competing for treasures in Ilium. Photo: Jonathan Liu

Do you like digging for buried treasure? Unearthing ancient civilizations? Well, you’re in luck! Here are not one, but two, board games about archeology. Pergamon is a recent release (designed by Stefan Dorra and Ralf Zur Linde) with some elements of risk-taking and valuation. Ilium is an older game from 2008 by Reiner Knizia that is, like many of his games, something of a mathematical puzzle. Although the two games have different themes, they have very different mechanics and feels. Of the two, I think I prefer Pergamon, but they both allow for strategic thinking and can be played in under an hour.

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