Ultimate GeekDad Father’s Day Stories

Hacking the Holidays

We’ve partnered again with the fine monkeys over at ThinkGeek for another Ultimate GeekDad Father’s Day Giveaway. As part of the sign-ups for the giveaway, fine folks can leave their own stories about the geeky dads in their lives. We’ve been combing through the stories (only 6,844 at the current count), and want to feature them here on GeekDad in celebration of Dad’s Day.

From “CaptRory”:

My dad is one of the smartest people I know. He worked for a lot of years in construction, most of those as an Iron Worker. His Geekness lay buried and hidden under dirt and burns from welding machines and scars from putting up razor ribbon until he was forced to retire due to illness.

Now he plays Dungeons and Dragons with me, we play Warhammer 40k. I bought him Terraria for an early Father’s Day gift and he’s totally addicted to that.

My dad worked hard and suffered uncountable injuries and pains providing for our family and now in his retirement he’s getting to really embrace his Geek Side.

Thanks Dad. I really appreciate all you’ve done for our family and I love you.

From “Gina”:

My husband is the ultimate geek dad, and his kids are crazy about him. He has served in the Air Force for 22 years and has 3 sons. He insists that you’re not a man until you can correctly install the home theater with sound system, Blu-Ray, DVD, game console, DVR and programmable remote. His kids know more about electronic games than housekeeping. An optimal night would be a game night with kids and friends, complete with Mountain Dew. The kids’ friends all talk about games and their gaming characters with my husband anytime they stop by. He’s always reading the reviews and checking the forums for the latest game news and gossip, be it electronic or tabletop or RPG games.

And how did I meet this love of my life? At GenCon, the world’s biggest geek gaming convention, held every year in Indianapolis. See, I’m a Geek Mom, and I wouldn’t trade my Geek Man for all the great gizmos and cheat codes in the world!

From “Foenanko”:

When I was a tiny little kid in the land of Windows 3.1, I used to watch my dad exchange PC games with my Godfather. I’d sneak into the room to peer over his shoulder as he’d play Doom, Myth & Magic, and eventually Quake. “Can I play, Dad?” I’d say. “No,” he’d say. “You’re too young.” So on I’d peer, yenning for a game I couldn’t play and listening to my Mom lament her gamer-widow status. Now I obsess over MMOs, mash F5 on the E3 status page, shoot zombies, mow down NPCs in drive-bys, play RPGs until I’m cross-eyed and delirious, and await Skyrim with bated breath as my Mom laments her daughter always vanishing to play games. Thanks, Dad. You made a Gamer Girl out of me. Let’s go play.

Remember, you too can make one geeky dad out there really, really, really, really, really happy this Father’s Day by entering the contest.

The prizes include:

  • ThinkGeek’s iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet
  • 16GB iPad 2 with wifi
  • $1,000 ThinkGeek shopping spree
  • Dream Arcade cabinet kit with custom Timmy graphics, including everything you need except for the computer, courtesy DreamArcades.com
  • One year subscription to WIRED magazine, including iPad version, courtesy of WIRED
  • LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0, courtesy of WIRED GeekDad
  • GeekDad t-shirts for the family, plus autographed copies of Ken Denmead’s GeekDad books: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share, and The Geek Dad’s Guide to Weekend Fun
  • Assorted Munchkin goodies signed by John Kovalic: Munchkin, Munchkin Bites, Munchkin Impossible, and Star Munchkin
  • GUNNAR SteelSeries Scope gaming glasses, courtesy of GUNNAR

Plus, between us, ThinkGeek, and Wired, there will be special deals on ThinkGeek merchandise and subscriptions to Wired magazine (now, with awesome digital subscriptions) all through the contest period leading up to Father’s Day.

So power up your patriarch this Father’s Day, June 19, by entering our contest below by 12 noon ET on June 17, 2011. We’ll announce our randomly chosen winner the evening of June 17 so you’ll be able to deliver the good news on Father’s Day.

So, what are you waiting for?!?! ENTER THE CONTEST HERE!

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