Quietly Geeky for Father’s Day — A Binary Number Watch

Geek Culture

Watches have somewhat fallen out of fashion with the rise of cell phones and all manner of portable electronic devices that keep excellent time. My husband, however, still clings to his wrist-watch. He likes the feel of it on his wrist and he likes being able to glance down quickly to note the time without pulling out his cell phone. (On the other hand, George H.W. Bush, who famously checked the time on his wrist watch during a Presidential debate, probably wishes watches had gone out of style twenty years sooner.)

The Cadence Watch Company is hoping for more consumers out there like my husband. They have a watch that replaces the numerals with binary numbers. The 4bit binary watch looks classy but, on closer look, reveals the geek. My husband pronounced the sample I received “very nice” but did say he prefers the watches with metal wrist bands.

For Father’s Day, Cadence is offering a 25% discount off the regular retail price of $79.95 for GeekDad readers. When purchasing the watch on the Cadence site, just enter “GeekDad” in the coupon card box. There’s also a newer version, with a black blackground, available for 40 percent off, if pre-ordered. That might not make it time for Father’s Day, however.

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