Kari Byron, Mythbuster Mom: Preschool Hustle

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KariCloseUp-e1308329695929I am writing another $50 check, to another preschool … just for the chance to have my application reviewed.

The more I think about this game, the more it feels like a grift. I show up to a potential preschool along with a dozen other mommies and daddies to compete for a spot that may actually not exist. We’re all trying to look like the most interested, the most invested, and the best candidate — all while our 2-year-olds are running around putting things in their mouths with their finger up their nose.

Is this just an urban problem or modern problem? Is this really the lynchpin for my child’s entire future? If I choose the wrong preschool, am I dooming her to a life of, “Do you want fries with that?”

The stress is overwhelming. It was easier for me to get into college. It was easier for me to get an apartment in San Francisco at the peak of the dot com boom!

I never took rejection as personally, as I do now when it comes to my kid. I got a letter in the mail denying me from a preschool co-op that I applied to when my daughter was a few months old. My husband had to put ME on a “time out.”

The preschool hustle is making me a crazy person.

If I make it to the end of this process without choking out the obligatory suck-up mommy taking pictures of the potty area and asking philosophical questions about their educational structure…My baby may just learn how to make ants on a log and finger paint macaroni art.

Next stop, Harvard.

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172 thoughts on “Kari Byron, Mythbuster Mom: Preschool Hustle

  1. Please don’t buy in to that you have to have the ‘right’ pre-school… Or anything for your child to have success in life. The only way your child can have real and true success (besides her being responsible for her own success) is for you to teach her morals and values.. and responsibility … (Something no Preschool I’ve ever seen teach). Etc… If u need ‘space’… Get a really good education minded nanny to teach her how to read, accept ‘no’ and pick up her toys… Seriously, it’s that easy. And, once you plug her into the institution, she will value what they value, not necessarily what you value.. Unless, that doesn’t matter. I wish you the best and miss you on the show.
    Kelli Rizzuto
    (homeschool mom)

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