My3D Viewer Is Like a View-Master for Your iPhone


My 3D ViewerMy 3D Viewer

Photo: Hasbro

Have you ever wondered if you could view 3D movies on your iPhone? Now you can, with the My3D viewer! The viewer itself is made of a hard plastic shell that reminds you of the old View-Masters, originally introduced in the 1930s. The My3D viewer has a rubberized exterior coating around the eye nose opening for watching movies in comfort. My son also tested the unit, and we both agreed that the nose opening is a little small. As the shape of the opening is not ergonomic, it may be uncomfortable for some people.

Here’s how the My3D viewer works. To test the 3D content, you have to have the My3D app sampler first. Then, you select the adapter tray of your choice. There are four adapter trays included that do fit all versions of the iPhone and iPod touch, but not all apps are compatible with all iPhone and iPod touch devices. Simply pinch the spring latch at the back of the My3D viewer, insert your iDevice and snap the adapter tray closed. To launch the content in My3D presents, you insert your thumbs in the two holes at the back of the viewer and touch the on-screen controls. The My3D Presents app has samplers in various categories: movie trailers, photos and game trailers.

My 3D Viewer_Adapter TraysMy 3D Viewer_Adapter Trays

Photo: Hasbro

I viewed all the content in the My3D presents app. The photos are lifelike, with tremendous detail, and are truly eye-popping images. The 3D videos were not quite as impressive. The images presented more like an HD movie with slightly enhanced 3-D imagery. I do think that kids will truly appreciate the images as a viable entertainment alternative that is portable and easily accessed. Perhaps an antidote to the dreaded question on those 4 hour car rides to Grandma’s house, “Are we there yet?” It will be interesting to see what other content developers will sign on and what kinds of entertainment value we will see on this device. You can purchase the My3D viewer and many more apps here. You must first have an iTunes account to purchase the apps. Happy viewing!

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