GeekDad Challenge of the Week Solution: Birthday Love Bomb Cipher

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Flickr user QuinnDombrowski, CC license

For all of you who have never before answered a GeekDad Challenge of the Week, this one was for you. The puzzle was to decode the following birthday greeting, which was left as a comment on my FB account:


And as any idiot could tell, it was base64 encoded. Apparently, I am not just any idiot. Kudos to the few of you who cracked the code without simply dropping it in the first Google hit for base64 decoder (or perhaps kudos to those of you who refrained from needlessly wasting brain power?). Either way, I hereby vow to return next week with my sword sharpened.

Congrats to Scot, who was randomly chosen as this week’s winner of the $50.00 ThinkGeek gift certificate! Just for showing up, you get a discount code good for $10.00 off your next $50.00 order at ThinkGeek. Use code GEEKDAD59MJ

Tune in Monday for another installment of POW, straight from Dave. And thanks for reading GeekDad!

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