Videogame Reviewer Sings Her Critique


Rebecca Mayes at GameCityRebecca Mayes at GameCity

Rebecca Mayes at GameCity

I’m always keen on new ways to get my kids thinking about technology. They have all enjoyed Rebecca Mayes videogame review songs over the years — in fact I often catch them humming them over breakfast. So I was excited to hear that she is set to return to the world of reviewing videogames via song in her new show Rebecca Mayes Live:

Following appearances on BBC TV and Radio Rebecca Mayes today announces her new review show. The Rebecca Mayes Live show features live recordings where Rebecca recounts the story behind a particular song, before an exclusive unplugged rendering of said musical review.

The pilot episode is available now:

Welcome to the first of my live shows on Game People. I’m going to take you on a little trip down memory lane. I’m starting with Flower, a couple of songs into the project, because this particular song is helpful to talk about the project as a whole.

The pilot episode is available here and the series launches formally on 4th May and will bring a new episode every other week through 2011. There are a variety of ways to follow the show:

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