Happy 42, Wil Wheaton! (And Happy “Nolite Irrumator Day”)

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Illustration by Chuck Gamble

Every year we wish awesome geek actor/writer/gamer Wil Wheaton a happy birthday. Wil turns 42 today, an age every geek is surely pleased to be. We always wish we could get just the right gift for him, but what do you get for the geek who has everything?

Well, he answered this on Twitter two years ago for his 40th birthday. To paraphrase, he asked everyone to just celebrate his birthday in the spirit of his personal catchphrase (his fans will understand).

Considering we are a family blog, we can’t quite bring ourselves to use the exact phraseology. However, being something of a Latin geek (4 years in junior high and high school), I figured translating it into a classical language would make it all better.

As such, we at GeekDad would like to formally declare, henceforth from today, that every July 29th shall be celebrated as Nolite Irrumator Day. Happy Birthday, Wil!

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4 thoughts on “Happy 42, Wil Wheaton! (And Happy “Nolite Irrumator Day”)

  1. I love much of @wilw ‘s work over the years… Just look at ST:tNG, Stand By Me, TableTop…. and being an old Amiga/Toaster geek, the fact he worked at NewTek had me looking upon him with adoration. He must have a decent persona in his private life because I look at so many people that choose to associate with him on both a professional and personal basis.

    That said…the guy’s self absorbed public persona does nothing more than annoy me. There are times it seems he aspires to becoming the Al Sharpton of geekdom. He is not my voice….and this is not an uncommon sentiment among geeks/gamers of a similar age to Wil.

  2. Nolite Irrumator sounds like a Harry Potter spell. Maybe it stops people from being rude and mean to each other online. *waves wand at Internet and chants Nolite Irrumator*

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