Pancake Geeks?


Pancakes shaped like Star Wars charactersPancakes shaped like Star Wars characters

Star Wars pancakes from

So it’s Sunday morning, and I am figuring that I want to impress my children with my pancake prowess, so I plop down a couple of blobs and come up with a smiley-face. Not bad, I think. I put that sucker down in front of my child and wait for the applause. She looks completely unimpressed. Seeing my look of anticipation-turned-disappointment she flips around the laptop and says, “You’re not even in the big leagues Dad.”

“Whoa!” I say, channeling my best Neo. But these Star Wars characters aren’t even Nathan Shields’s greatest work: wait until you see his flame tree and coconut crab! Check out his 100-plus pictures of his pancake art. (Or check out his musing on teaching math.) If that isn’t enough inspiration for you, then check out Jennifer D.’s adventures with pumpkin pancakes on our sister blog, GeekMom. Just don’t let your children see any of this — or they will never again be impressed with your Sunday morning smileys.

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