Help Collect 10,000 Robots



Robot by Demented; used with permission.

This robot needs some friends.

More specifically, this robot would like another 9,999 friends.

Threadless user Demented, aka Mathijs Vissers, has launched a funny little project called “10,000 Robots” and he’s hoping that you — yes, YOU! — will help him out by contributing a drawing of a robot. Simply draw a robot of any sort and upload it to the Flickr group. Can’t draw? That’s okay — Demented wants to see what you come up with anyway!

If you submit something he really likes you might get rewarded with a free T-shirt from his Here Be Robots brand, but mostly this is just something fun to do without any real huge plans behind it … yet. He’s floated the idea of putting together a poster of some of the best ones, or maybe putting them in a book. (Do I smell a Kickstarter campaign coming?)

Even though it’s not contributing to Japan tsunami relief (which you should still do) or anything like that, maybe a collection of 10,000 robot drawings would also make the world just a tiny bit better. Or geekier, at the least.

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