The Empire Strikes Back Retold in Glorious Iconoscope (GeekDad Weekly Rewind)


"I love you." "I know""I love you." "I know"
Star Wars Episode V – retold in Iconoscope

Back in February, British designer & illustrator Wayne Dorrington released his own special retelling of our most beloved of stories, Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope. He took the basic plot points of the movie and condensed them down into 32 panels of icons, with key bits of dialogue represented by more icons. He named this technique “Iconoscope” and invented a kind of modern day hieroglyphics along the way. Not surprising, it went mega viral around the interwebs, ate up all his bandwidth allowance and killed his regular web hosting package.

Two months, and a nice new blog, later he’s moved on to the second act, The Empire Strikes Back, keeping the same style, but this time ending up with twice as many panels. As Wayne writes on the post:

In doing this one, you realise how much more complex and in-depth the story was compared to first movie. The narrative is split into several sub-stories and keeps jumping between them – plus, in the first movie there were virtually no costume changes for the main characters – but in this one, each had several, all of which are iconic.

The two-parter is jam packed with more great little touches, like the way he’s dealt with the classic “I love you”/”I know” shown above or the clever way he’s illustrated IG-88. There are signs that he likes to “use the fork” maybe a bit too much with the icons for the insides of a Taun-Taun or Han being tortured in Bespin, but I’ll leave you to spot them all for yourself from the full size images over on his blog.

I’m already looking forward to Jedi…

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