Sequential Showcase – Sea Ghost #1: The Sea Ghost in the Machine

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Space Ghost, The Herculoids, Thundarr the Barbarian, Birdman … these are some of the cartoons I dearly cherish from my childhood. Each Saturday morning I camped out in front of our TV, bowl of sugary cereal in hand, watching the exploits of these larger-than-life heroes. These were simpler times. Bad guys were always up to some kind nefarious scheme and the good guys were there to give them a righteous smack down. These superheroes had families or sidekicks and humorous animal pals. Simply put, these cartoons were a lot of fun.

Coral & Titan want to adventure too!

Reading Jay Piscopo’s new all-ages comic book Sea Ghost #1: The Sea Ghost in the Machine invoked those familiar Saturday morning feelings of fun and excitement. The titular hero Sea Ghost is a clear homage to Hanana-Barbera’s Space Ghost. Operating out of his Ghost’s Grotto in the ruins of Atlantis, Sea Ghost undertakes a mission from Commander X to investigate a strange nearby energy signature. Sea Ghost is then unknowingly transported to another world where he tries to broker a peace between two warring species.

Sea Ghost finds himself on a strange new world.

I really liked Sea Ghost for its old school feel, classic character design and clean illustration. I was warmed by the fact that Sea Ghost was a father as well as an adventurer. My daughter liked Sea Ghost’s children, Coral and Triton. She thought it would be pretty cool to live under the ocean and have a superhero dad. I gave a copy of Sea Ghost to my wife’s second grade class and they all loved it too.

As you can tell I have a soft spot for comics with a more classic feel to them. I’m giving Jay Piscopo high marks for Sea Ghost. You can find out more about Sea Ghost and how to get your hands on a copy over at the Sea Ghost website.

Sea Ghost speaks to his dearly departed wife Aqua.

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