Weekly Poll: Who Is Your Favorite Robin Hood?

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This weekend, my wife and I introduced our ten-year-old son to Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. While he’s vaguely aware of the character of Robin Hood, it was only that: a vague awareness, and we figured the Costner version, for all of its (considerable) faults, was perhaps the most accessible. Plus, it has Alan Rickman in one of his truly great performances.

But that did get me to thinking: Robin Hood has to be one of the most frequently filmed characters, and that in turn made me start to think about which adaptation was my favorite. And that, in turn, led me to want to ask you, our readers, the same question.

[poll id=”42″]

Last Week’s Results

Last week was one of out least-voted on polls, which I choose to believe is a sign that people are simply too busy playing tabletop board games to vote, because that was indeed the number one choice, with 42% of the votes. Reading came in second with 32%, puzzles and roleplaying games each at third with 11%, and model building at 5%. No one, surprisingly, wanted to have a Nerf war, which just means that clearly no one who voted lives at my house.

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