Geekdad Challenge of the Week Solution: Physics Is Sexy

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Did you feel surprisingly stylish this week? Perhaps it’s because velcro shoes are back in style, or maybe your je ne sais quois was showing… or maybe, just maybe it’s your U=mgh that brought all the boys to the yard. When last we met, our Physics Is Sexy puzzle looked like this:

Use common physics equations to transform the following equation into the one below it:



There was a multitude — nay, a veritable throng — of correct answers to this somewhat simple but I hope entertaining puzzle, all of which looked a lot like the following:

• Cancel MAT, leaving: 1=HEIC

• Use E=mc^2, to get: 1=H(MC^2)IC

• Use U=mgh (and rewrite), to get: 1=(U/MG)MCCCI

• Cancel M and multiply both sides by G to get: G=UCCCI

Congrats to self described “doctoral student in the physical sciences” Andrew Davis, pulled from the winner’s hat (literally…), and thus this week’s winner of our $50.00 ThinkGeek gift certificate. Nice work, Andrew! And as always, here’s a discount code to ThinkGeek for all of you non-chosen ones: GEEKDAD59MJ.

Stay tuned for another Monday’s tweaking of your weekend-rested neurons by our continuing puzzler, Dave G.

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