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The opening of the summer’s first Avenger movie, Thor, is just around the corner and the folks over at Hasbro have been working hard to come up with some great toys so you and your kids can act out the movie at home. So if you’d like to stage a mini-Ragnarök your living room or backyard, read on.

First up is a set of great role playing gear. If you’re going to be the god of thunder, you’re going to need a really big hammer and Hasbro has a couple of choices for you. The Lightning Hammer, pictured above, lights up and makes thunder and lightning noises when a button on the handle is pressed. Press the button a little further and a projectile shoots out of the top of the hammer. A smaller foam hammer is also be available for younger Asgardians. To complete the look, pick up a wing-tipped helmet, complete with adjustable straps so it’ll fit kids and grown ups alike. Hasbro is also offering a large foam sword for bigger kids and a sword and shield set for younger kids. Avengers, assemble!

There will also be a good variety of 3.75″ action figures and several deluxe figures that boast a variety of snap-on weapons. While the Odin figure looks accurate down to the eyepatch, the figure that looks especially nice is Loki with his horned helmet, looking ready to cause trouble for his stepbrother. For those that like the Super Hero Squad, there will be packs of those, sold in sets of three. And finally, a 10″ Thor with more detail, more weapons and electronic sound effects and phrases from the movie.

These are some great movie tie-ins. Plus, with a Thor sequel confirmed this week, your kids can get a lot of use from these tools of the Mighty Thor!

Disclosure: Hasbro sent GeekDad samples of some of these items.

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