The Steampunk Family


Steampunk Family is a great resource and inspiration to creative families everywhere. They call themselves the von Hedwig Family, and have created steampunk personas to go with their fun lifestyle of turning junk into steampunk, creating an adventure serial, cool DIY turtorials, traveling to conventions to share their know-how, and providing resources so anyone can be steampunk now.

I asked Anne-Marie York (aka Hera von Hedwig) who is the mom and keeper of the Steampunk Family website, a few questions:

When did you personally become fascinated with the Steampunk world? Did you meet your husband before or after this obsession began?
Considering that Jules Verne was writing 150 years ago, and the term steampunk was coined over 30 years ago, I came rather late to the genre. Like so many other steampunks, the obsession started before I knew there was a word for it, or other people likewise obsessed. Of course, once we figured out there was a wide world of steampunks out there, we became drastically more interested. One of the most captivating things about it is all the amazing projects people are doing, the fantastic art and stories and costumes and the creation of culture. It’s not dictated by anyone, it has the vaguest of principles, it is wide open to creative whim.

Read the rest of Rebecca Angel’s interview with Anne-Marie York on GeekMom.

Also, on our last day of Steampunk week, GeekMom will feature a list of essential links and the French side of steampunk literature. And don’t forget Brigid Ashwood’s giveaway, open for entries until Sunday night, where you can win one of the figurines pictured below, created by Brigid herself.

"Energy Crisis" Steampunk Art & Figurine © Brigid Ashwood 2011"Energy Crisis" Steampunk Art & Figurine © Brigid Ashwood 2011 “Energy Crisis”

"Firefly" Steampunk Art & Figurine © Brigid Ashwood 2011"Firefly" Steampunk Art & Figurine © Brigid Ashwood 2011 “Firefly”

"Solo Dance" Steampunk Art & Figurine © Brigid Ashwood 2011"Solo Dance" Steampunk Art & Figurine © Brigid Ashwood 2011 “Solo Dance”

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