Review: Explore Molecular Gastronomy With Cooking for Geeks

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Sometime after Grant Achatz’s Alinea became popular, but before Modernist Cuisine became a surprising sellout cookbook set at $625, a healthy portion of the public gained a fascination with science in the kitchen. And while both the Chicago restaurant and Nathan Myhrvold’s books are well out of the budgets of most people, there is an option for the rest of us: Jeff Potter’s Cooking for Geeks from O’Reilly Media.

While Cooking for Geeks has its fair share of recipes, it also supplies the “why” behind many kitchen phenomena. If you’ve ever wondered why medium-rare steaks are more popular or considered “overclocking” your oven by cooking during the cleaning cycle, Potter has you covered. Plus, there’s plenty of input from others. Among those chiming in, Adam Savage weighs in on scientific testing, Maureen Evans shares some of her popular twitter recipes and America’s Test Kitchen‘s Adam Reid talks about important equipment you should have in your kitchen.

There is a bounty of experiments and even more science and you’ll likely learn something new every time you pick it up. You’ll be surprised how much more fun cooking can be once you start tinkering with temperatures, ingredients and equipment. Check out Cooking for Geeks — your stomach (and your brain) will thank you.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a review copy of this book.

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