Genome Sequencing: There’ll Be an App for That

Geek Culture

Conference Notes. Image: Andrea Schwalm

Ten years ago, in spring 2001, I learned how to administer intravenous antibiotics.

My younger son, a toddler at the time, was recovering from a protracted infection and emergency surgery. We’d spent two of the previous four months as residents in different hospitals already, but he still needed six more weeks of IV antibiotics. If I was willing to commit to taking over as nurse, we could finish this last leg of recovery at home.

My first reaction to the suggestion was disbelief. “But…my degree…is in English. Writing. Making stuff up. I cry when I have to pull the neck packet out of a roasting chicken! How will I do this???”

[To find out how kids with “orphan diseases” are spurring developments in genome sequencing technology, read the rest of Andrea Schwalm’s post on GeekMom.]

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