E-Luminator Touch: Effective Touch Book Light For E-Readers (Dead Tree Books Too)


About this time last year I tested and reviewed an M-Edge e-Luminator 2 book light. It wasn’t bad, but suffered from some issues common to portable book lights: illumination wasn’t uniform (i.e., areas of the display remained in shadow) and it worked best with the e-reader and cover it was specifically designed for.

The new M-Edge e-Luminator Touch book lightThe new M-Edge e-Luminator Touch book light

M-Edge e-Luminator Touch (image from M-Edge)

M-Edge sent one of their new e-Luminator Touch models and I think they’re pretty bang on with this one. While it still slips in nicely to integrate with M-Edge’s own protective cases, this version includes a paperclip design that makes it easy to clip onto most any e-reader case or cover. It even works on dead tree (paper) books, if you’re reading old school. This design incorporates an optical lens and super bright LED combo that does a great job of evenly illuminating an e-reader screen (or a paper page). I had no problem adjusting it in a way that was unobtrusive while providing full light coverage. No dark spots in the corners and no glare. There are three intensity levels, battery life for a single AAA battery is rated for 20 hours (I’ve only had it on for 12 hours on an alkaline battery, but it’s still going strong), on/off and intensity are all touch controlled and when you power the light down, it does a nice quick fade effect instead of instant off. It also shuts itself down after one hour of inactivity. That seems to be based on movement and never inadvertently triggered on me during reading sessions. This is a great little unit for reading in bed without disturbing a significant other and should work well for camping too. The icing on the cake? MSRP has dropped from last year’s model (the Touch is available for $19.99 through Amazon or the M-Edge web site).

Disclosure: M-Edge provided an e-Luminator Touch for review purposes

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