This Book Made Me Do It Is A Cure For The Winter Blahs

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The next time your kid says “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do,” hand him This Book Made Me Do It and walk away. No matter what your child’s age, sex or interests, he or she will likely find something interesting to read about, do or make.

This Book Made Me Do It is divided into six sections, each one jam-packed with detailed instructions for activities and exercises. First off, “Amaze Your Friends” is a collection of magic tricks that kids love, ways to trick your body and fun skills like playing 12-bar blues on the guitar. Next up is “Food, Glorious Food,” which is full of easy recipes, nutrition tips and great information like how to be a good guest and differentiating between types of pasta.

“Get Creative” covers all kinds of crafts, “Explore The World” involves projects and activities involving the world around us and “Survive In The Wild” channels your child’s inner Bear Grylls with survival tips and emergency preparedness skills. Finally, “Be A Sports Hero” covers everything from batting in cricket to snowboarding a halfpipe.

Each two page spread has lots of ideas, with sometimes as many as 8 activities per page. Some are unrealistic for most kids, like climbing Mt. Everest or landing an airplane, but they’re all fun to read about. Plus, there are plenty of detailed illustrations and photos, especially for crafts like making survival bracelets or creating your own piñata.

Kids will love this book because it’s full of potentially dangerous things to do (they will need adult supervision for some things) and also has some pretty gross challenges too, like dissecting owl poop and identifying the contents. It’s a very diverse and original collection of things to do and This Book Made Me Do It is definitely worth checking out.

Disclosure: GeekDad was sent a review copy of this book.

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