Raise Your Very Own Padawans With the The Force Trainer

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Haven’t all of us Star Wars geeks dreamed about unleashing our Force powers at one time or another?  Well, now toymaker Uncle Milton Industries is set to help us – or at least our kids – do it for real.

Sort of.

As reported in USA Today, the company will be releasing a new device this fall that lets anyone train their Force Powers using a wireless headset to control a floating ball in a tube. In reality, the headset is a simple EEG reader, and feeds the data to the base station which suspends the ball on air, raising and lowering depending upon the readings.  So, to be more accurate, it’s more of a biofeedback trainer, but with the added authentic voices and sound effects from the base station urging you on, the effect will still be a Star Wars geek-out of tremendous fun. 

Proposed price of $90-$100, from Uncle Milton Industries.

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