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It amazes me to no end how much stuff we collect.  Admittedly, most of it is really cool stuff that you would never want to be rid of (at least that’s what I tell my better half).  The problem isn’t so much that you have so much of any one or many things.  It’s figuring out where the devil to put it all.  My post Christmas experience has been living proof of that.

My boy is currently obsessed with both LEGOs and Star Wars.  Fortunately these are two great tastes that taste great together.  Unfortunately, Christmas has caused the Star Wars LEGO collection to grow out of its original shell and look for a new place of residence.   Under normal circumstances, when my toy piles start taking over the little available space we have my S.O. will resort to threats that involve curbside pickups of said items with the possible addition of a 31 year old male.  Being a fan of the bricks herself, she wouldn’t dare suggest ever toss ing them.  That didn’t stop me from using her for inspiration.  One quick trip to Ikea and we were the proud owners of a brand new uber deluxe storage unit (aka a trashcan).   

Looking at this mid sized trash can full of bricks, I’m torn.  On the one hand, it seems slightly ridiculous to be filling trash cans with LEGOs.  On the other, how awesome would it be to upgrade to dumpster?

In all honesty, this was a much easier problem to solve than trying to hide the GeoTraks.  I still haven’t figured out a good way of handling that.  Any advice?  How are you dealing with your own storage issues?

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