The Creepy Doll From The Twilight Zone Can Be Yours!

Geek Culture

Talky TinaTalky TinaIf you’ve ever seen the old Twilight Zone episode “Living Doll,” you remember Talky Tina. She’s basically the old Chatty Cathy doll, only malevolent. Talky Tina tortures and eventually kills the grumpy dad character, who was incidentally played by Telly Savalas when he still had Patrick Stewart-esque hair (before he went the full Brynner).

So if you’ve ever wanted to buy a doll that you should absolutely not give to your children (unless you want to give them nightmares, that is), now’s your chance. For the first time ever, the awesome folks over at Entertainment Earth are now selling an exclusive replica of Talky Tina. The doll talks (of course), has eyes that open and closed, and — awesomely — looks exactly like she did on the show, which is to say in black and white.

Now, Talky Tina is $140, which isn’t exactly cheap. And she doesn’t actually become available until July. But consider: How long has it been since you got someone a really creepy Christmas present? Too long, right?

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