Netflix Soon to Stream Star Trek


Images © CBS Studios, Inc.

Netflix announced today that it reached a deal to start streaming content from CBS’s massive back library of TV shows, starting this April. That includes such sci-fi/genre classics as each of the different Star Trek shows, Twin Peaks, and The Twilight Zone. According to the official press release, the launch will feature episodes from these shows, as opposed to full seasons, so it’s still unclear exactly what we’ll be able to stream come April.

CBS has been the longest holdout for most of the streaming services. Notably, it’s the only major broadcast network from which Hulu doesn’t have any content at all, so this is a bit of a coup for Netflix. However, CBS still isn’t letting Netflix stream current seasons of shows, nor does it seem to have blown the doors to its library wide.

When it comes to streaming Star Trek, though, we already have access to a ton of material for free. As Matt Blum reported here earlier, you can already watch the entire Star Trek: The Animated Series for free at That’s part of a library of 351 Star Trek episodes currently available there, gratis, and a bunch of episodes are up at too.

That’s not every episode of every season of every Star Trek show, but it’s a large, happy chunk of them. If you’re looking to see what Netflix might have for you in April, that line-up’s probably a good bet.

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