GeekDad’s 2nd Anniversary – Brian Little’s Story



Why: I asked Chris Anderson to have me on basically as a way of giving myself an outlet for sharing the cool, geeky stuff I keep running across on the Web. Also, I was still a relatively new GeekDad at the time, and I figured that if I planned to raise a properly geeky kid, at least to the extent that nurture trumps nature, I’d better have a peer group with the same intent. The biggest surprise of the last couple of years has been the degree to which daily conversation with fellow GeekDads — usually via Twitter — has become something I enjoy, and miss if I don’t get it.

Favorite Post: This is so difficult as to be nearly unfair. Matt’s Obama is a geek post is a clear classic, as was his Large Hadron Collider piece. Kathy’s Do You Teach Your Kids About Darwin post may hold the Best Controversial Post position in my head. I think the top prize has to go to Matt’s LHC post, not only for the timeliness of the post and the exposure it garnered, but for the sheer lunatic nature of the comments thread.

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