GeekDad’s 2nd Anniversary – Michael Harrison’s Story



Michael was away this weekend for his day job (yes, they do more than just blog), so his wife Natania Barron dutifully volunteered to write about the GeekDad experience from her perspective.

Why He Joined GeekDad: Michael has been a geek a lot longer than he’s been a dad. He was one of those kids, reared in the 80s and early 90s, for whom music, gaming, and culture just culminated in the perfect petri-dish environment for lifelong Geekdom. And he’s always balanced his unabashed love for geekery with a great sense of humor. So, when he told me that he was responding to Chris Anderson’s call for GeekDads, I was thrilled. He worried that being a new dad with a newborn might not make for the best blog fodder, but I knew it would give him an advantage. We had the d20s to prove it. At seven months, our son already had World of Warcraft onesies, and Michael had crafted him a hand-made mobile, not to mention we were already wondering when to start reading The Hobbit aloud. That’s got to count for something.

Turns out I was right. When Michael got the congratulatory email, he couldn’t stop smiling. And, voila! Here we are now, two years later.

At any rate, aside from being a remarkable geek, Michael has always been a remarkable writer, and for years he wondered where he fit. A geek and a writer? A writer and a geek? No, a GeekDad. And if you’ve enjoyed his posts  half as much as I have, you’ll certainly agree he’s in his element here.

My Favorite Posts: Michael’s post topics tend to cluster around themes, and my favorites are always the ones about roleplaying. Since I’m in his gaming group, I get to see what he’s got planned in advance. You can get a glimpse into his world building approach with Obsidian Portal and find out how we manage to get up in the morning after a late-night D&D session.

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