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Image: The Cardboard Guys
Image: The Cardboard Guys

Kids are hard on furniture. They mark it up, scoot it around, and generally make themselves at home in an occasionally destructive way. And then broken furniture ends up in a landfill. What if you could have furniture for your little ones that was sturdy, recyclable, and you could actually encourage them to draw on it?

A couple of The Cardboard Guys thought up that very thing as their senior project at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California a couple of years ago. They set out to create sustainable furniture made out of cardboard. They succeeded, and brought on another Cardboard Guy to complete the team.

Image: The Cardboard Guys
One interesting decoration option. Image: The Cardboard Guys

Made of 50% post consumer recycled material, on average, the Kids Imagination Furniture is a kid’s desk and chair set that kids and adults can build together. It’s made in the U.S.A., and even adults can sit on it. The chairs hold 500 pounds.

They are near the end of their Kickstarter, but are very close to being fully funded. So check them out very soon. $95 will get you a desk, a chair, an extra tabletop for additional creations, a pack of art supplies, and free shipping. The kit doesn’t require any hardware to assemble, and just building it can be a fun family activity.

They expect to ship in June, so the set would be a great gift for your kids for them to begin enjoying during summer break. All of the outer pieces are reversible, so once your kids fill up one side, just flip it over for new creations. Additionally, the top has two cubby containers to store art supplies or secret goodies.

Paint or decorate the desk and chair any way you or your kids like, or just leave it blank and see what happens.

Cardboard Corey decided to read some books. Image: Jenny Bristol
Cardboard Corey decided to read some books. Image: Jenny Bristol

Help The Cardboard Guys get to their goal! You’ll be helping kids everywhere, and you’ll also save some trees along the way (and, frankly, reduce the amount of plastic manufactured). These sets are a perfect gift for your kid, your grandkid, or someone else that you love.

My question to The Cardboard Guys is this: When will you make a grown-up furniture set?

If you want to support the project but can’t afford a full furniture set, $20 will get you a sticker and an official Cardboard Corey doll. They sent me one as a sample, and he decided to read books from my Nutshell Library. Corey can be your traveling friend who you can also color or decorate any way you like. The Coreys that I saw on the Kickstarter page don’t have any glasses, but the one they sent me did (or he did, after I assembled it), so he’s properly nerdy.

The Cardboard Guys’ Kids Imagination Furniture Kickstarter campaign has less than a week left, so join in while you can! Help them get to their very reasonable goal, which they have almost met. Your kids (and your non-color-on-able furniture) will thank you.

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  1. The Kids imagination furniture made from cardboard and it gives children freedom to paint it the way they want. The furniture can be built by them and will foster their creative and imaginative streak and development.

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