GeekDad’s 2nd Anniversary – Don Shump’s Story



Why I Joined GeekDad: It has been many moons since I first came across GeekDad back in 2007. When Chris Anderson made the call for more writers, I knew that wanted to be part of this site. As a single GeekDad, I don’t get to spend nearly as much time with my son as I would like. GeekDad is where I go to hang out with my boy when he’s not around.  I owe this blog’s readers and writers a great deal of gratitude. So a hearty thanks to the lot of you!

My Favorite Post:  Looking back at my Influential Movies: Flicks Your Kids Must See has always put a smile on my face. In the light of my boy’s on going Star Wars addiction, it seems very strange to imagine a time when he did not hum the opening theme, do battle with imaginary Sith or turn every straw into a light saber. I’m so looking forward to the day when I quote "The Princess Bride"with him.

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