Geek A Week Cards Get Real!

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Geek A Week - MC FrontalotGeek A Week - MC Frontalot

Image: Len Peralta

Since starting his trading card art project a year ago, Geek A Week artist Len Peralta has repeatedly fielded variations on the question “Are these ever going to be real?”

Collector-types, rejoice.

Not only is ThinkGeek releasing the set in batches of eight (the initial run includes Jonathan Coulton, Fred Seibert, Veronica Belmont, John Scalzi, Rifftrax, Bonnie Burton, MC Frontalot and Ken Plume), you can also get your hands on some amazing stuff donated by the esteemed geeks on the cards, thanks to this slew of eBay charity auctions.

Autographed sets of the initial eight cards? Sure, they’re on the list—but so are actual road spikes from Mythbusters, a Steve Jackson-inscribed Munchkin Zombies set, and honey (yes, really) from Neil Gaiman’s private apiary.

Proceeds from the auctions are going to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play.

With one more card—video gaming demigod Nolan Bushnell was #51—Len will unlock an impressive achievement more than a year in the making. Maybe after a well-deserved rest, the Cleveland artist can be convinced to take on Geek A Week: Legacy.

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