GeekDad Challenge Of The Week Winner: Snapshots In The Snow

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Image by this week's winner, Flickr user Eric McDonough

The parameters of this week’s GeekDad challenge were to take a photo that has a winter theme to you — the geekier, the better. It could be a mini-Hoth battle in the backyard, a roaring fire in the fireplace or palm trees and Christmas lights — let your imagination run wild.

And the winner this week is Flickr user Eric McDonough, who built this awesome Easter Island snowman with his sons. Eric says “My kids and I started out making a standard snowman, but as we stacked up the snow something unexpected emerged. When we stood back and looked at it, we decided it kinda looked like one of the giant heads on Easter Island. A quick search on Google images from my Droid guided us on our final sculpting. “

The Maoi man was good enough to win a $50 gift certificate from ThinkGeek. Congratulations to Eric and if you’d like to share in the ThinkGeek bounty, just enter the code GEEKDAD74JK when checking out to save $10 on any order of $40 or more.

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