Exclusive Magic the Gathering Spoiler Card:Mirrodin Besieged

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Once again GeekDad has been given a new Magic: The Gathering card to spoil, this time for their latest set, Mirrodin Besieged. Previous releases have been dramatic game-changers, cards that spell doom for your opponent if you draw it — though only if you have the mana. Will this release be any different? You’ll have to click through to find out!

Phyrexia has invaded Mirrodin. This is not a secret anymore. The whole of the world is wracked by war. Battles are being waged against the invaders by Mirrans of all kinds. They struggle to prevent their world from being completely overtaken by the Phyrexian infection. Their rallying cry: “We Will Endure!”

The Phyrexians, for their part, drive toward their twisted notion of perfection. The rising leadership, known as the Praetors, interpret the words of the Father of Machines and continue the great work of making sure “All Will be One.”

Meanwhile, the inscrutable Planeswalker Tezzeret has insinuated himself into the Phyrexian hierarchy, but his motives may not be what they seem.

One of the new features of Mirrodin-focused, pre-release tournaments is called Faction Packs. Each player has to choose one side, Mirran or Phyrexian, and gets booster packs containing cards only from that faction.

And the card we’re spoiling is…

Sweeeet! Another endgame killer card, Victory’s Herald is just that — when this angel attacks at the same time as your horde, they all get flying, and any damage they inflict goes to your life. Bye bye opponent.

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