Celebrating MC Frontalot’s Birthday


Z. and MC Frontalot, July 2008Z. and MC Frontalot, July 2008

Getting cozy at Nerdapalooza '08 – Photo by Denika Robbins

When Mama Hess birthed her little boy Damian some 37 years ago, little did she realize that he would become the one and only MC Frontalot – the world’s 579th greatest rapper and godfather of nerdcore hip-hop!

On this, the day of his birth, we at GeekDad would like to pause and reflect back upon his storied past. From his early days within the Song Fight! community to his cameo in the then Tony Moore-illustrated comic book masterpiece The Walking Dead, his famed shows at major geek events like the annual Penny Arcade Expo to starring in his own documentary, Front has always succeeded by doing nothing less than wholeheartedly praising the nerd life that he truly exemplifies. Connoisseur of fine headlamps and the only rapper to arrive at hip-hop via musical theater, Frontalot has molded himself into a pitch-perfect manifestation of the uber-dork that exists within us all.

While everyone surely observes this most sacred of days in a different manner, I do have a few suggestions for new converts. You could relive your favorite nerdcore concert memories with the help of YouTube, or you could likewise seek to channel the performance acumen of the man himself with the help of Rock Band. Of course, the best way to celebrate the birth of MC Frontalot is to support this scion of ultimate nerdocity by contributing to his livelihood.

T-shirts and Frontabulous tsotchkes are available through his own official store front, while his latest album Zero Day – a perfect stocking stuffer – is available alongside the aforementioned documentary Nerdcore Rising at fine merchants everywhere. New Yorkers can even catch him with Math the Band and Alyson Greenfield next Friday at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory.

But however you choose to celebrate, may the Front be with you!

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