Official Web-Based Dungeons & Dragons Character Builder Announced

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Image: Wizards of the Coast

In just under two weeks, you can stop holding your breath. The Dungeons & Dragons Character Builder will finally be available for Mac users. And in keeping with tradition, Wizards of the Coast has swung a double-edged sword at the problem of cross-platform character creation. And, in keeping with tradition, D&D fans’ reactions are mixed.

What’s the big deal? Cross-platform is good, right? Well, let’s take a look at what rocks about this announcement and what’s less than cool.



  • The big complaint is that this version of the builder will require an active internet connection
  • No export feature at launch
  • Lack of customization at launch (e.g., no house rules)
  • Requires a login to D&DI
  • Built on Silverlight, a technology which Microsoft has publicly claimed it is abandoning for web application development in favor of HTML5
  • If Silverlight is the long-term strategy, it’s unlikely that an in-house mobile version will be available any time soon

What do you think? Happy that you can finally roll up a D&D character on your Mac? Concerned about the directions the D&D Digital Studio is taking? Leave a comment.

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