Zomb-Aid, Wound Stickers and a New Zombie Book

Geek Culture Hacking the Holidays

Zomb-Aid boxZomb-Aid boxIf you get bitten by a zombie, you’ve probably got worse things to worry about than finding a bandage for it, but Zomb-Aid has you covered. These handy self-adhesive rings cover both sides of the zombie teethmarks with a single bandage so you can get back to loading your shotgun quickly.

Actually, these are part of a promo for Benjamin Tripp’s zombie novel Rise Again. Just released this week, Rise Again takes your typical zombie story and spins it a little by making the Blackwater-like mercenaries just as big a threat as the shuffling undead they’re supposed to protect us from. I haven’t read it myself but Cory Doctorow offers this review on BoingBoing.

Whether you check out the book or not, stop by the Rise Again website for a bunch of free downloadables that you can print out for some undeadly fun: fold and glue this Zomb-Aid box and leave it in somebody’s medicine cabinet, or print out the zombie wound stickers for a quick addition to your Halloween costume.

[via BoingBoing]

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