Munchkin Zombies Zombie-A-Day Exclusive Preview: Curse! Bass Ackwards


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Munchkin Zombies, scheduled for release in April 2011, will be the first full Munchkin game in almost three years. GeekDad contributing cartoonist John Kovalic is the man behind the Munchkin art yet again, so Steve Jackson Games has very graciously agreed to give GeekDad’s readers an exclusive sneak first peek at some of the new cards of the set.

Munchkin creator and game design legend Steve Jackson chose the cards, and both he and John will be giving us a few of their insights on a daily basis this week. So be sure to come back to GeekDad every day for a new card from Munchkin Zombies, and new thoughts from Steve and John. And now for today’s card:

Curse! Bass Ackwards

Curse Bass AckwardsCurse Bass Ackwards

Copyright © Steve Jackson Games

Steve Jackson, Designer – No deeper meaning here. It’s a silly, vulgar pun. Now, AFTER I thought of the pun, I thought of the punishment of the fortune-tellers in Dante’s Inferno. Their heads are turned backwards, and in a horrible bit of detail, Dante tells us that their tears run down their backs and between their buttocks … But I didn’t want Dante here. I wanted simple and silly. I got it, but it wasn’t easy … John sent three versions of this one to see which one best got across the “head turned backward” message.

John Kovalic, Artist – Part of my job as Munchkin Illustrator is to get art specs from Steve that read “Zombie looking down in dull confusion. His butt is, indeed, on backward, as we can see through what remains of his clothing, and the Car Door armor has fallen down around his feet,” draw it, and try not to wonder what on earth a grown man is doing, making a living this way.

You have no idea how much I love doing what I do. But there’s certainly an element of “My god – HOW DID I GET HERE?” from time to time … Munchkin Zombies provided MANY such moments.

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