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Tom Henderson, of the Math for Primates podcast and, has a Kickstarter campaign to raise money so he can write a Punk Mathematics book. What’s punk mathematics? Well, as Tom explains, punk raises questions, and math finds solutions. Topics may include:

Better living through probability; the fractal dimension of cities and cancers; using orders of magnitude to detect b.s.; free will and quantum economics; and the mathematics of cooperation in a networked world on the brink of a No Future collapse.

For a full explanation, though, check out Henderson’s Kickstarter page and watch the video, which is fairly entertaining. (Parents note: he drops a couple of F-bombs during the video, so you may want to preview it before you show your kids.) I love the idea of making math interesting and relevant.

Henderson has already exceeded his Kickstarter goal, but it’s still worth checking out, and kick in a few bucks if you want to get a PDF or hard copy of the completed book. (Unfortunately, he’s already sold out of his “Answer-to-Everything Pack,” which included 24-hour phone access to the Math Hotline—i.e., Henderson’s cell phone.) The Kickstarter campaign ends at the end of the month, so check it out before then.

Thanks to Traci Lawson for the Twitter-tip!

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