Captain Tightpants Says “Read!”

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Nathan FillionNathan FillionYou know those awesome celebrity posters they have up at the library, of various famous people encouraging people to read more? I remember when I was a kid seeing one with C3PO and R2-D2, which I thought was awesome, though I recall pointing out to my mother that at no time in the Star Wars movies is there a single book visible, anywhere.

So the latest poster in the series has just come out, and it features none other than Captain Tightpants (also Captain Hammer — do you suppose we should combine the two: “Captain Hammer Tightpants?”) himself, Nathan Fillion. Of course, he’s not playing Mal Reynolds, Captain Hammer or Rick Castle in the poster, but since you can’t see his pants you can, if you like, imagine that they’re tight. It’s not news, of course, that Fillion is an advocate of programs encouraging kids to read — he’s a co-founder of the great Kids Need to Read organization.

The poster is available for purchase on the American Library Association’s website for $16, plus $9 shipping. No, that’s not cheap, but it’s a great science-fiction-themed poster (the book he’s holding is even a sci-fi book aimed at older kids) and your money will go towards a great cause. There are a lot of other great posters available there, too: the one with the Star Wars droids isn’t available (and is evidently a collector’s item now), but the one with Yoda is!

If you’d like to hear more about Kids Need to Read and Fillion’s involvement with it, please check out the interview I did with him and the organization’s other co-founder PJ Haarsma back in January.

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