A Cure For w00tstock Envy

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It’s been great watching all of the GeekDad coverage of San Diego Comic-Con, and I am quite envious of the people who were able to attend this year. Fortunately nothing is really that far away on the internet, and I have been cruising the blogs, Twitter, and YouTube looking for tidbits of my favorite celebrities.

In my quest to cure the envy, I came upon three w00tstock videos that feature a few of my favorite entertainers.

Starting out at number one is my absolute favorite female vocalist, the lovely and extremely talented Marian Call. As best I can tell, she performed three songs, but can only find 2 of decent quality. Here’s “I’ll Still Be a Geek” with Marian Call, Molly Lewis, Paul and Storm, and a couple people whose names I can’t find right now.

Two more videos after the jump.

Felicia Day, Sandeep Parikh, Jeff Lewis, Paul and Storm, and Molly Lewis perform an acoustic and partially ad-lib version of “Do You Want To Date My Avatar”. Sandeep rocks the triangle.

And I’ll close with one more from Marian. The title song from the movie “Zombie Cheerleader Camp.” If you’re curious how this song came about, you can read more on Marian’s blog post: Zombie Cheerleading Camp

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