The Lovely and Talented Marian Call in Dallas, June 17th


Photo of Marian Call by Anton Olsen

Marian Call is winding her way around the country on a 49 > 50 tour (From Alaska to all 50 States Tour). Currently she’s hanging out in Austin but will make her way north and west starting this Thursday at Poor David’s Pub in Dallas.

If you haven’t heard of Marian I really recommend you see one of her shows as soon as you can. If at all possible step out and attend, or host a house concert. Marian’s music subjects vary as much as geeky interest can, including numerous Firefly and Serenity references, a complete song about a guy named Jayne, the story of her beloved Volvo, and the use of a vintage Underwood typewriter for percussion. You can hear three of her albums at Band Camp.

The tour started out as a crazy idea, and fueled by a loyal community of fans, has grown to keep Marian on the road into November. You can read more about her tour and check out the schedule on her site: Marian Call 49 > 50 Tour.

If you are anywhere near Dallas this Thursday (June 17th) please drop by Poor David’s Pub in Dallas around 8pm. Cover is $8. Find me and mention GeekDad and I’ll buy you a beer.

Kristina Morland is opening for Marian. I heard Kristina last year at Poor David’s and love her voice and singing style. She has a wonderful smoky, dreamy voice that is hard to describe without contradictions. Kristina gets bonus geek points for putting a fractal cauliflower on her album cover.

More information at:
Marian’s Tour Page
Marian’s Blog
Poor David’s Pub

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