Nerf + Supersoaker = Summertime Bliss

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So Hasbro owns Supersoaker and Nerf, probably the two most well-known toy lines that allow kids to blast each other safely outside. Well, guess what? The two brands have converged into an awesome series of products: Super Soaker squirt guns with Nerf style.

I had a chance to review some of the blasters and the two I like the best are the Rattler and the Shotblast. The Rattler is a smaller soaker that fires every time you pump it — so there’s no separate trigger. You pump and shoot with one motion. The water blast is very narrow, almost like needle of water 25′ (allegedly) long. Whereas the Shotblast is a much larger blaster with a big reservoir. It has the same pumping mechanism as the Rattler except instead of a slender stream if water it has a big gush that nevertheless has a decent range. Even with the big reservoir but still tends to be the first to run dry. In addition, the Shotblast also comes with a collapsible and removable stock.

Speaking of accessories, the killer feature of these Nerf-branded Supersoakers is that they have the tactical rails found on recent Nerf guns, allowing you to mount the various sights and lights on the barrel. A Supersoaker is great, but one with a laser sight is even better. All of the guns of this line come in two colors so you can hold team contests like capture the flag, or simply divide into two teams for some outdoor fun.

My favorite part of the blasters’ construction are the reservoir caps. They’re super knobbed and secured with a tough nylon cord, making the guns easy to refill even for littler kids and the caps impossible to lose. I also appreciated Hasbro’s progressive packaging — the guns are sold in cardboard boxes with no plastic inserts and none of those stupid wires.

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