GeekDad on NPR’s Science Friday!

Geek Culture

I had the incredible honor and thrill of being on NPR’s Talk of the Nation Science Friday last Friday, and chatting with host Ira Flatow (you all remember Newton’s Apple, right?) and producer Flora Lichtman about all things geeky and daddy. They suggested that the term “geek” may be on the way out, simply because it’s been co-opted by the hipsters, and they’re even fielding suggestions for a new name. Personally, I think we should hold onto it, kicking and screaming, because being a geek isn’t about flowing with the trendies. To quote Marian Call: “I’ll still be a geek after it’s no longer chic.” You can listen to the segment on the Science Friday website or download the MP3.

Most exciting for me out of the whole incredible experience is that they’ve put out a video of trying one of the projects from my book. This blows me away!

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