Comic Book Cakes Done With Panache… and Ganache!

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Batman Cake by NaeraBatman Cake by Naera

Batman Cake by Naera at DeviantART

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

Corny titles aside, these cakes at The Weekly Crisis are spectacular. Having recently started working with cakes–including those with fondant–I am in awe of the detail and outright cleverness some of these cakes have to offer.

From the article:

The clashing of comics with other cultures happens in all kind of fields, and while mixing comic books with culinary arts is not exactly new (I’m sure we have all had a comic book themed cake at one point), the rising profile of comic book creations in other media (particularly movies), means more and more comic book cakes.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous for the next cake bake in your house, there are some great (and surprisingly) easy ways to make fondant at home. I’m a particular fan of the buttercream variety, which is a little more intensive than the marshmallow base, but makes up for it with flavor. While there are store bought versions as well, the chemical taste (and chemical list) is a a turnoff for me; however, in a pinch, it works great. A slight caveat, though. The buttercream can be so good it’s important to keep it out of the way of little snatching fingers–my son crammed a golfball sized amount in his mouth once in about two seconds flat!

(via The Weekly Crisis)

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