Kotaku Editor on How to Raise a Nerd


My own nerd-in-training. Photo: Natania BarronMy own nerd-in-training. Photo: Natania Barron

My own nerd-in-training, in his own geek threads. Photo: Natania Barron

Editor and self-proclaimed nerd Brian Ashcraft of the very fine video game blog Kotaku explains why he gave his son a Tezuka-inspired name:

“To fulfill his destiny as a nerd. Let’s be honest. I am a nerd. Perhaps, you are a nerd, too. We could even been kindred nerd spirits or bitter nerd enemies nerd-raging at each other. In raising my son, I have three goals: He is polite and considerate, he works hard and he becomes a nerd.”

Ashcraft talks at length about why he wants his son indoctrinated into the cult of nerddom and what he’s done to all but ensure that it happens. Hint: it involves video games and geeky clothes.

A lot of his article touches on what we talked about at the GeekDad PAX East panel: geeks are passionate and super interested in whatever it is that turns their cranks. For good or bad — but usually for good — this means they know what the hell they’re talking about when they talk about it. This is a good skill to have!

So, are you raising your kid in the geek tradition?

Check out Brian Ashcraft’s “How To Raise A Nerd”

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