PAX East is Almost Here! Do You Know Where Your GeekDads Are?

Geek Culture


Session Friday 7:00 Wyvern Theatre (somewhere in the Hynes Convention Center)

“How young is too young for The Hobbit? What should my kids’ first LEGO set be? How can I control my disgust if my child tells me he likes Jar Jar and the Ewoks? When should I buy my kids their first non-six-sided dice? These questions and many more will be discussed by writers for’s GeekDad blog and other geek parents. Come share your stories and advice for how to make sure our kids grow up to be geeks like us! Don’t have kids? Show up and find out what may be in store for you if you ever do!”


  • Matt Blum (Moderator)
  • Dave Banks
  • Natania Barron
  • John Booth
  • Doug Cornelius
  • Michael Harrison

The inaugural PAX East convention is almost here (3/26-28/2010), and GeekDad has the honor of holding a panel on raising the next generation of geek. If you’re going, we really hope you’ll be there! Our contributors will be wandering the convention in their GeekDad shirts all weekend, so be sure to give them the secret sign (what, you don’t know the secret sign?). Happy PAXing!

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