Should You Go to a Theme Park or a State Park?

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Blue SpringBlue Spring

Image: B A Bowen Photography

So there we were — in Orlando, Florida. Our family had arrived with one free day before our girls had to compete in a gymnastics meet. The question was: what to do? It’s Orlando so the first natural discussion was about which theme park to visit. The problem is that these parks aren’t exactly cheap, especially for a family with four kids. Then, there was the option to just hang out by the pool at our resort. Being that it had a waterslide and “built-in” water features, this was a real option we could sell to the kids. While discussing plans with my wife, I offered a third option.

“What do you think about going to a state park? I have been to Blue Spring State Park before for cave diving. It’s not too far away and I thought it was pretty cool.”

Our kids mostly like outdoors stuff. By “mostly” I mean that some of the kids think animals and spiders and snakes are awesome, while others think that any non-humans (except for dogs) should stay outside and humans should stay inside. Too bad that kids don’t get to decide what to do, parents decide. We are the deciders. It turns out the park was about a one hour drive and we left a little later than we initially planned. However, we did think ahead to bring sandwiches, water and other food stuff. That was a good plan, but we are used to thinking ahead in terms of food. Even if we went to Disney World, we would probably bring some food.

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