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Google announced several weeks ago they were going to select a city for a high-speed internet pilot. Several cities have done some crazy things to woo the Googleplex to their neck of the woods. Some are pretty funny, and it seems, why should politicians have all the fun?

It started with Topeka, Kansas. The city passed a resolution to rename themselves Google, Kansas. The mayor of the city said he had received two letters addressed to “The Mayor of Google, Kansas

Then, thanks to yesterday’s great post by Curtis Silver referencing that his hometown of Sarasota, Florida has chosen to rename itself to Google Island, Florida (presumably Google, Florida was a bit too much like Kansas)

Not to be out-done by Google, Kansas or Google Island, Florida, the city of Duluth Minnesota has said that all first-born males in the city will be named Google Fiber and all first-born females will be named Googlette Fiber.

So, this made me wonder… what could our current places of residence possibly be re-named in a bid for Google high-speed internet?

I live in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area – we, well Wisconsin, just got named as part of “the beer belly of the United States.” It got me thinking…

I’m now proposing that Milwaukee change it’s name to (drum roll, please…) Beer Googles, Wisconsin. Mayor Barrett, please, when talking to the media on this change, make sure to have my last name spelled correctly…too often they don’t have the second E in my last name.

Image: personal Google Map by Russ NeumeierImage: personal Google Map by Russ Neumeier

Image: personal Google Map by Russ Neumeier

This is where you know your city/town/village/hamlet best – so leave us a comment on what a Google-ized hometown name would be where you live.

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