Defend Your Base! Air Brawn Giveaway for the iPhone

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Air Brawn: watch out for those pesky paratroopers!Air Brawn: watch out for those pesky paratroopers!

Air Brawn: watch out for those pesky paratroopers!

Boy, you know that recession has hit home when you have to man the anti-aircraft gun and the mortar by yourself. You’d think that a base that is being invaded by waves of enemies would be staffed by at least two soldiers, right? But yours is not to reason why; yours is but to do and die–and die you shall, because the enemy will just keep coming until you’re eventually totally overwhelmed and overrun.

Air Brawn is a nifty little game for the iPhone that’s a remake of an old 1984 Mac game, Airborne. (It’s too bad they couldn’t get the same name, but the game is pretty clever anyway.) You’re the little guy in the lower left corner, and enemies approach from the right: helicopters dropping paratroopers, carrier jets, tanks, and even lightning-fast bomber jets. If enough paratroopers make it to the ground, they’ll start marching toward you until they’re closer to toss a grenade. And it only takes one hit to take you out. (Remember? You’re all alone.)

The controls are very simple: touch the bottom edge of the screen to fire the gun, moving left or right to adjust the angle. Touching the right edge of the screen fires the mortar, moving up and down to change the distance. You can keep your finger down to fire repeatedly, but each shot fired costs you a point. I didn’t realize this at first and used up my score shooting into the air.

It may not keep you occupied for hours, but it’s a pretty fun little app and quite a challenge once the helicopters start coming in fast. You can buy it for $.99 from the iTunes store. Or, you can enter for your chance to win a free download: GeekDad has been given two codes to give away. To enter, simply leave a comment here or Tweet a link to this post using the hash tag #airbrawnGD by midnight on Friday, March 5. We’ll pick a winner at random from each method.

Wired: Simple and fun: keep the enemy out of your base.

Tired: Not a lot of variation to keep your interest.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a free download code for review purposes.

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