Ringling Bros. for the Wii is Far From the Greatest Show on Earth

Geek Culture


I had some hopes for this game, but both the kids and I had a hard time playing enough of it to actually give it a full review. Each kid tried the single player first and managed three or four mini-games before getting bored and turning it off. Tonight I sat down and tried about half the single player games, hoping to find a gem in there, but gave up after an hour.

The objective of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus involves working your way through the different acts to get certified and eventually perform in the big top. I found the games rather simple and usually got certified on the first or second try. The kids had problems with most of them and got frustrated quickly.

I really tried to find something I liked about the game, but I’m left with a big bag of nothing. Instead I’ll just point out the three main things that make it a flop. The graphics are terrible. The shading and animations look hurried and fail to be interesting.The sound ranges from annoying to boring. And last, but not least, the mini-games are recycled old ideas like DDR, Smooth Moves, Raving Rabids and others, but without the humor or cool graphics.

Wired: Not much

Tired: Recycled mini games with a lack-luster skin.

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