It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Geekmas

Hacking the Holidays

Tis the Season!Tis the Season!

Tis the Season!

Remember last December when we here at GeekDad unveiled our brand new nondenominational pseudo-holiday? Sure you do! We gave away stuff. Lots of stuff.

Last year we paused to present to you, our loyal readers, loads of fabulous prizes as part of our 12 Days of Geekmas12DoG to those in the know – giveaway. We used the traditional season of giving as a clever excuse to round up a ton of swag and pass it on to you in appreciation of the tremendous growth that your kind attention had provided. Well, this year we’re doing it again.

In celebration of another banner year, this one resplendent with even more of those all-important page views, we are bringing 12DoG back. With a vengeance. And this time it’s personal.

And since this year you helped GeekDad grow even more, we have decided to reciprocate in the form of even better prizes!

From old friends like Dual Core, Uncle Monsterface and Entertainment Earth to new sponsors like John Kovalic, Sears and Hewlett Packard, this year’s prizes are even more spectacular, and we’ve also tweaked our entry method to help us more easily pick each lucky winner from the hundreds of daily entries.

Rather than using the cumbersome post response entry system, this year we will tie each Day of Geekmas more directly to its respective daily podcast. In addition to treating listeners to a nerdy, seasonally themed track, each ‘cast will also contain further information on that day’s prizes and a special code word to be used as the subject of an entry email.

Be sure to keep a close eye on the blog, as the first Day of Geekmas is this Friday, December 11th. And don’t forget to subscribe to the GeekDad podcast feed to have each prize-packed episode delivered directly to your aggregator of choice!

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